Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last friday me, Jayne, and her sister in-laws ran a 10 K in Salt Lake for the 24th of July. It was really fun and I finished it about 7 minutes faster than I was shooting for. That could have been because half of the race was downhill... but that is besides the point!

Is it obvious which one is my sister?

It was so fun running with Jayne while she was here. She is one of the ONLY people I can run with. We have about the same pace and we both listen to music and understand that we don't need to talk, just enough to push eachother to keep going. Its the second race we have done together and we have both made alot of progress in the past few months. Hopefully our next race together will be the goofy half marathon in Disney World... we can dream big, right?


Jayne and her kids drove out to Idaho a few weeks ago. Thats right, they drove all the way from Missouri, to Idaho, just Jayne and her five kids. Her hubby had to stay behind and study for medical boards. But she did it and I'm sooo glad she did. I love spending time with her and her family. I didn't take nearly enough pictures while they were here, but one day we went up to Heise and did a little hike and had a cook out, and luckily I did have my camera.

Crook Clan

This picture was taken a few days later at the zoo. A kangaroo got loose so Cory and Landon played with it. That is the only decent picture I got that day... and I don't even want to attempt to figure out how to flip this picture!

Date Night

A few weeks ago Cory took me on a wonderful date. We went up to the mountains and cooked hot dogs, brautworst (which I didn't think I would like, but LOVED), roasted marshmellows, and watched a movie. He even got all fancy on me and brought sparkling cidar. I guess his mom played a big part in helping him plan... but either way I had a great time.

Long time gone

I do realize that the 4th of July was almost a month ago, but I've become tired of having a blog so I'm just now posting about it. Everyone has gone on and on about how the 4th is the best Holiday of the year, and they are right. Its the highlight of summer. Cory and I had a great day. We went to the parade, boating, hung out with Ben and Jena, and went to the fireworks. Here are just a few pictures. Enjoy!At the paradeStarting from the dock (sissy). I just love his AWESOME sense of style...

And the fireworks!

I tried uploading a short video of Cory doing some kind of flip on his wake board, but I couldn't get it onto my blog. Suggestions?