Monday, June 15, 2009

I am NOT a blog stalker

EVERYONE is a blog stalker! If your reading my blog right now, your a blog stalker. You stalk your friends, of course, then you stalk people who your not friends with, but you know them, and they know you. THEN, you stalk those that you know OF, but don't really know, and then you stalk those that you have never even heard, but your bored and they post pictures.
However, there is that one un-spoken rule to blog stalking. You never admitt that you stalk someone that your not really good friends with. example?
You run into to someone at the grocery store. They fall into the "you know them, they know you, but your not friends" category.

they say "hi! how are you? long time no see."
you say "great, how are you?"
they say"great, did you hear I got married last year!"
you say "...(I knew that, it was July 12 to be exact. you had 4 bridesmaids, and their dresses looked terrible)... No way congrats! I had no idea."
they say "Yeah I'm so happy. I have a blog you should check it out, then we could keep in touch better!"
you say "... (no shit you have a blog, I have been reading it faithfully for the past year)... I didn't know you had a blog! You will have to give me the address, I bet its fun to read!"

Case in point. For some reason, it's fun knowing about other's lives. Creepy, yes, but we all do it, so that makes it ok right?


  1. BWAHAHAHAHA...I've totally had that happen! And then I've had people who I don't even know but they know Jake come up to me and tell me that they've been stalking my blog! Cracks me up!!

  2. that is hillarious but you should watch your mouth. lol

  3. i stalk. just did. miss you! stalk ya later :]